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Two elegant shabby decorative lanterns, in slightly pickled light wood, to give an extra romantic touch to a Provencal-style room.

69.99 EUR

An idea to complete a vintage decor? Try this set of decorative dark wood lanterns, a touch of timeless charm for your home!

69.99 EUR

A set consisting of two light-colored decorative lanterns, perfect for a vintage-style home or as an accessory for a veranda or terrace.

57.99 EUR

A set of two decorative white and light wood lanterns, two original candle holders that will give a touch of romantic elegance to any room in the house.

75.99 EUR

Elegance and simplicity: these two vintage style white candle lanterns will add a touch of warmth to the whole house. Try them on the terrace too!

62.99 EUR

A set of three elegant white wood pickled shabby style candle holders, to bring a touch of romantic intimacy to your home or garden.

58.99 EUR

This set includes three rustic-style brown wood candle holders, ideal for adding a touch of extra warmth and intimacy to all areas of the home.

58.99 EUR

A set composed of three light wood candle holders of three different sizes, an accessory with an inviting charm to bring the right atmosphere into the home.

58.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items


Decorative lanterns are a classy choice to furnish the living room or to make a bedroom even more beautiful. They are not just decorative furnishing accessories, but thanks to the light of the candles you can give a twist to the environment and create an even more relaxed, romantic and charming atmosphere.

In general we are led to associate lanterns and candles to winter, to the welcoming warmth of a cozy home while outside it is raining or snowing. And it's true, decorative lanterns are a must for the winter season and for Christmas, but they can give you great satisfaction even in spring and summer as outdoor lanterns. On the veranda, in the balcony or in the garden: with the lanterns you can set up a relax corner for yourself and your loved ones, a small peace nest for a pleasant summer evening or in spring!

Of decorative lanterns there are really many sizes, not to mention the styles. We have chosen a set of lanterns suitable for every style of furniture: from vintage / retro to shabby chic, from classic style to modern taste. A series of candle holders for all tastes!


Among our proposals could not miss the beautiful shabby lanterns to give any room in your home that touch of romance that never hurts.

A shabby lantern is a decorative piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways. On the ground, as an original centerpiece, to create a fascinating play of light on a cabinet or to further embellish a fireplace frame: the soft light of the candles will transform your living room into a small romantic palace.

Do you want to make your bedroom even more beautiful or create a relaxed spa atmosphere in the bathroom? Our shabby chic lanterns are perfect for any room in the house, and if you love Provençal furniture and romantic details, well ... you've come to the right place!


With our outdoor lanterns set up a spectacular and spectacular garden corner will be a breeze! Decorative lanterns are a good furnishing accessory for all seasons, and during the warm spring or summer evenings they will contribute to creating a unique atmosphere for an outdoor dinner or an evening in the garden, on the veranda or on the terrace.

Creating a relaxing corner in the garden or on the balcony is simpler than expected: a few chairs on the floor or seat cushions, a small table to place drinks or cups and a set of outdoor lanterns for a charming corner that will leave your guests at the mouth open!

Thanks to the decorative lanterns you can make a driveway even more beautiful through the garden, or you can use them as outdoor lanterns to illuminate a flowered tree or as an alternative to the classic wall lighting.