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White and gray chest of drawers with baskets in various shades of gray. A particular piece of furniture with a contemporary design, for a bedroom in a modern style.

100.99 EUR

Colored chest of drawers (gray, white, beige and pastel blue) and pickled, in full vintage style. A 4-drawer chest of drawers to help keep your clothes or towels tidy, ideal in a shabby bedroom.

64.99 EUR

Pickled chest of drawers in white and beige with closed bottom and five drawers. Perfect for a room with a shabby chic decor and a bit of vintage style.

73.99 EUR

Chest of drawers with shabby chic style hearts. The elegant combination of wood, wicker and shabby knobs make it a romantic and functional piece of furniture at the same time.

83.99 EUR

Pretty shabby style chest of drawers with carved drawers. A refined multipurpose cabinet, ideal for the bathroom or to furnish small bedrooms.

65.99 EUR

Shabby chic bedside table with white structure, a pickled gray drawer and three natural wooden drawers. A perfect multi-purpose cabinet in a retro setting.

57.99 EUR

White pickled drawer unit with four drawers made of shutters, painted with a long-lived effect: the right mix of vintage style and shabby furniture.

78.99 EUR

Gray and white chest of drawers in shabby chic style. The delicate heart-shaped shabby knobs make it perfect for a romantic bedroom.

57.99 EUR
Showing 1 - 24 of 435 items